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Session 4. Liberation and self-determination
Wednesday 23 March 2011

Are two concepts that inform the theory and practice within which the Facciamo Breccia coalition has acted in its 6 years existence. Focusing on the paths of liberation and self-determination of women, lesbians, gays and transsexuals means opposing a criticism to the reformist paradigm of lobbying for civil rights (also human rights) and gender policies. But it also means privileging modes of action that allow for an opening of the contestation of dominant discourses to a variety of multiple subjects (from the common ground of self-determination): social centres, lesbian separatists, radical feminists, antiracist movements, students, atheist and anticlerical people, and, of course, LGBTIQ people.

Activism based on the concepts of liberation and self-determination calls for a rejection of all the self-victimizing rhetoric and representations. Self-victimization doesn’t challenge dominant subjects because it doesn’t call them to "give account" of their complicity in the perpetuation of homophobic, sexist and racist patterns and imaginaries and in the actual exclusion or marginalization of minorities from the political space. Representing ourselves as victims translates into delegating our liberation to the dominant subjects, thus confirming them in a position of paternalistic superiority. This makes opaque and ambiguous the relations of subordination and inevitably triggers devices of normalization, concealment or exploitation of sexual minorities in the public discourse.

We would like to debate the possibility to be truly self-determined women, lesbians, gays and transsexual activists without having to meet the obligation to embody "non threatening" and reassuring figures such as the guardian of the "dignity of women" (and the nation), the lesbian mother, the monogamous gay, the male or female transsexual. We would like to broaden the debate on sexuality as an expression of desires that do not materialize necessarily reassuring future scenarios. In particular, we want to address the difficulties that activism focused on self-determination and liberation meets in a scenario characterized by backwardness in the process of recognition of rights and complicated by the effects of the crisis.

Some of the topics on which we ask for contribution:

  • Responsibly questioning dominant subjects

  • Analysis and Criticism of victimizing representations of violence and subordination.

  • Depatologization of transexualism

  • Intersexuality and body discipline

  • Liberation, self-determination and the crisis

  • Sexual and gender politics

  • No future: which political translation?


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