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Wednesday 23 March 2011

The Italian scenario (it would be worth inquiring analogies with other countries) is characterized not only by the strong interference of the catholic church but also by political forces which still struggle to free themselves from their fascist past and the emergence of new political parties characterized by strong territorial, xenophobic and homophobic drives. In this scenario, we must register a global trend of selective assimilation of minorities (not just LGBTIQ) on the basis of the willingness they express to meekly offer themselves to legitimize racist, heterosexist and repressive discourses. For this reason it is important to reject any attempt to expropriate the movements of lesbians, gays, transsexuals and feminists, of the distinguishing antifascist category: it is vital that our subjectivities become not complicit in a moral and political order granting legitimacy - however, only a victimized and minor legitimacy - in exchange for the addiction to repression.

Lobbying for rights at all costs is not acceptable because it entails the risk for some sectors of the LGBTIQ movement of falling victim to a kind of Stockholm Syndrome i.e. to keep a benevolent behaviour towards our own persecutors, or, at worst, to demand for protection and recognition to our persecutors themselves. And we all know it is not a remote eventuality especially in our ghost sexual democracy where proxy to institutions produces the mainstreaming of gender issues but the outcomes are nonetheless conservative, moralistic and repressive. For example, the only action against homophobia that the Italian government ever produced was an awareness campaign promoted by the Ministry of Equal Opportunities received with the applause of the mainstream movement. However, the campaign consisted mainly in a TV spot centered on the right/obligation to the privacy/concealment of sexual orientation.

  • Some of the topics on which we ask for contribution:

  • Homo-nationalist and homo-imperialist policies in Europe

  • Connivance between LGBT movements and right wing movements (even neo-Nazi)

  • Gender and Sexuality in conservative sexual democracies.


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