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Wednesday 23 March 2011

The use of the regime of justification of sexual democracies to redraw the contours of a catholic/christian nationalist identity is complementary to another process: the assimilation in the public space of the feminist and LGBTIQ agendas to redefine the concept of citizenship. The discourses about sexuality, in fact, are often used to activate processes of construction of otherness, to reinforce narrations that oppose "us" to "them", citizens to immigrants. In this scenario, white women, lesbians, gays and transsexuals, are in danger of being "recruited" in the definition of a racist citizenship based on exclusion and privilege. This risk, moreover, is very realistic in the context of the present economic crisis.

In a conservative context, such as Italy, moreover, the gender equality agenda is at a real risk of being used as catalyst for the neo-liberal management of the crisis serving a racist, nationalist and also hetero-normative refashioning of citizenship. For example, cuts in welfare are being concealed through the introduction of selectively re-defined criteria for redistribution of resources such as nationality (Italian or even padanian) and marital status (being married). It is of paramount importance that LGBTIQ and feminist movements consider how to articulate a complex and non-selective notion of citizenship because subjects acting in the social space of global societies are complex and multiple.

Roma woman, temporarily employed lesbian, transexual student, gay immigrant, are conditions that fall outside the rigid categories of identity. In this light it is necessary to adopt a radically intersectional approach to citizenship, which can not be limited to a reformist action claiming civil rights: liberation cannot be selective but is for everyone.

Some of the topics on which we ask for contribution:

  • Criminalization of non-white bodies (Experiences from/about Centres of detention CIE)

  • Violence against women and racism: which links?(Including case studies)

  • Sexuality, gender and the construction of whiteness (with particular attention to the complexity of the Mediterranean area)

  • Gender policies and neo-liberal management of the crisis

  • Experience of transcultural feminist and queer activismù

  • Right of asylum and experiences of legal/social support to LGBTIQ migrants


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