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Wednesday 23 March 2011

The catholic church has historically offered the religious justification of colonialism, racism, and hethero-patriarchy. Today it puts itself up to be a global ally to neo-liberalism and, more recently, to the neo-liberal management of the crisis.

Starting from the paths of liberation of feminists, lesbians, transsexuals and gay men we want to articulate a critique of the political influence of the catholic church with an approach other than liberal secularism. We want to oppose the Vatican's increasing interference in the sphere of sexuality and self-determination of bodies. In fact, like other neoliberal institutions, the catholic church - in every way a corporation - selectively uses the regime of justification of sexual democracies to justify anti-Islamic propaganda. Within this regime of justification the catholic church has exploited and distorted some issues of the feminist agenda by claiming itself as an institution fostering women's participation and leadership. In fact, the church's contribution to the strengthening of ideological neo-liberalism is the replacement of welfare systems with a familistic system based on strict division of roles where "women’s leadership" translates into nothing but the public assumption by women of caring and reproductive roles. This ambiguous relationship with the regime of justification of sexual democracies is also supported by recent alliances with other christian churches carried out in the attempt to bring back sexual democracies by expelling gays, lesbians and transsexuals. This alliance also defines the contours of a christian supremacist design that uses proven and diversified tools to support racist policies: first by providing the theological apparatus for the white supremacists promotion of the “christian roots of Europe”, and second, by satisfying the white “buonismo” (do-gooder attitude) which paternalistically gives shelter, integrates and finally baptizes, in a perverse juxtaposition of "evangelization" and "civilization".

Some of the topics on which we ask for contribution:

  • The role of christian churches in affecting European policies

  •  Witnesses of various interference and resistance stories from people who are promoting protests against the church

  • Connivance of churches and nationalist forces in Europe.

  • Human rights and  monotheistic religions.

  • Church discourses on sexuality

  • Church, crisis and neo-liberalism


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