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mercoledì 01 febbraio 2006
The Movement “Facciamo Breccia”

More Self-Determination, less Vatican

Against interferences of Roman Church in public affairs
In Rome, Saturday the 11th of February 2006
anniversary of the signature of Patti Lateranensi
(agreements between Italian and Holy See)
  • for reproductive rights of women (abortion, artificial conception)
  • for gay, lesbian and transsexual rights
  • for the public acknowledgment of civil unions
  • for a public and laic education
  • against economic privileges of Vatican and for the  cancellation of the agreements with Italian State
  • for the self-determination of all women and men


Facciamo Breccia is a spontaneous movement of citizens, groups, associations taking the name from the event of “Breccia di Porta Pia” that established the autonomy of Italy from the Vatican State. Facciamo Breccia goals are the re-affirming of a secular culture, making the most of all path of self-determination by the building of a trail of mobilisation. 
We set against the neo-obscurantist invasion on bodies and life choices, to re-affirm the self-determination of every subject and facilitate a culture of reconnaissance and cohabitation of diversities.
With this aim, starting from last October, Facciamo Breccia realised initiatives and demonstrative actions in the cities of Bologna, Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin and Verona.

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